Going to the Library

This afternoon I was thinking about libraries and books, since the subject had come up a couple of times. Then I was looking for a new picture for the blog, and came upon this one. This is the North East Branch of the Seattle Public Library. It was here that I made my first foray to the library. I remember going every Thursday at 10:00 AM when I was 4-years-old to a room where all the 4-year-olds met for reading time. My Mommy called it “Library School” since it felt like going to school. Someone read a book to us, then we got to look all over for a book to take home that week. Being a geeky boy even then, I thought the desk where they checked out books was pretty keen!

I haven’t been in that particular branch since I was about 15. I know that it has been expanded and remodeled since then, and that it would look a lot different inside now. The outside of the building, at least on the older front side hasn’t changed much though. So I can still believe that the library from when I was a 4-year-old is still there. Photo: Taken in North East Seattle on 17 May 2007.