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Everett and Mount Baker

An early Summer photo of Mount Baker is seen here from Puget Sound. The occasion was the first day of service for the new Washington State ferry M/V Tokitae. The Everett Waterfront in in the foreground, including the Everett Naval Base, home of the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, seen here. Photo: Taken from Puget Sound […]

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Different Colored Iris

So, I’m driving around in a residential neighborhood near Bitter Lake in North Seattle. Inside one of those traffic circles in the intersection was a number of these pretty purple and yellow irises. I don’t know if they have a seperate name of some sort, but I do know that they are a quite interesting […]

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Ship Canal Bridge

THe Ship Canal Bridge carries Interstate 5 over the Lake Washington Ship Canal near Lake Union in Seattle. It is not often photographed from this angle, though. What you don’t hear is the roar of the freeway over the park. Photo: Taken from South Passage Point Park in Seattle on 1 August 2014.

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University Bridge Open

During the Summer, it seems that all of the bridges along the Lake Washington Ship Canal are open as much as they are closed. Here, we see the drawbridge, a nearby boathouse, a construction crane, and four ducks. Ironically, ducks in the shadow of the U of Washington campus. No Huskies in sight, though. Photo: […]

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Waiting for the Drawbridge

This is actually a test to see if I can post a blog entry with my phone. A bit of bad luck this week as I arrived at the University Bridge just as it was starting to go up for a passing  sailboat. At least I was the first one across when it came back […]

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