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Bumble Bees in the Lavender

It is sad that we don’t have the opportunity to see our friend the bumble bee as often as in the past. They have, of course, been hiding. But I found a few, here and there, in a field of lavender in the suburbs. They sure seem happy, no? Photo: Taken in Shoreline on 2 […]

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Through the Looking Glass

In an older part of the Pike Place Market, in the area where the crafters are selling their goods, there is a row of old windows that look out over Elliott Bay. It would be easy to overlook them as the focus of the tourists and shoppers are the wares in the foreground. But the […]

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City Pigeon

One interesting thing about Seattle is the great number of streets that have been restored to their original cobblestone or brick surfaces. Most of these are in particularly historic places in town, but a few are in relatively well traveled spots. This particular one is on Pike Place, the street of Market fame. Also seen […]

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Port of Seattle

There is always quite a bit of business going on at the Port of Seattle. Here, we are looking down the mouth of the Duwamish River from across the Seattle Waterfront. It has been modified for the loading and unloading of container ships. Harbor Island is seen on the right. And just above the Seattle […]

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Lonely Railroad Switches

Testing a post from my phone. Perhaps this place isn’t so lonely, since it is on the mainline tracks headed North out of Seattle. But it is in a hard to get to spot. Unless you are a train. Or wandering around waiting for the bank to open. Photo: Taken in the Magnolia neighborhood in […]

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A Case of Crabs

Well, not exactly a case of crabs. More of a bunch of caught crabs waiting around to become someone’s dinner. In any case, this good-looking pack of Dungeness crabs were hanging around at the Pike Place Fish Company at the Pike Place Market in Seattle. Yes, that’s the place where they throw the fish around […]

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Columbia Center Aglow

There is much beauty in nature. But we can certainly combine modern structures with nature to create beauty, too. The Columbia Center is the tallest building in the state of Washington, and indeed in all of Cascadia. Plunging into the cloudy sky, it favorably reflects the sun on a spring day. Photo: Taken in Downtown […]

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Orcas on Orcas Island

I thought it would be fun to have a photo of orcas. As in, orca whales. But I don’t have any such pictures. Yet. But I do have a picture of an artwork with orcas on it. And I found it at Orcas. Which is a place on Orcas Island. Which is in the San […]

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Trains in the Columbia Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge is one of the most scenic places in Cascadia. But despite all of that beauty, the area has successfully been a transportation artery for as long as there have been people here. Boat, train, and highway traffic co-exist with nature; sometimes more successfully than others. The train passes through at least […]

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Partly Cloudy in Cascade Locks

I guess it isn’t unusual in Cascadia to have one of those days where you are looking out at a sunny spot, yet you are standing in a light rain. No where is that more common than in the Columbia River Gorge. Just typical weather here over the Columbia River. Photo: Taken at Cascade Locks […]

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