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Partly Cloudy in Cascade Locks

I guess it isn’t unusual in Cascadia to have one of those days where you are looking out at a sunny spot, yet you are standing in a light rain. No where is that more common than in the Columbia River Gorge. Just typical weather here over the Columbia River. Photo: Taken at Cascade Locks […]

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Always Foggy at the Beach

No matter where you are on the Pacific coast of Cascadia, it is mesmerizing to just stand and watch the surf wash up on the beach. And, despite the title above, it only seems foggy at the beach most of the time. The waves just keep rolling in, never stopping, from points unknown in the […]

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Sunrise on Marquam Hill

One of the most fascinating things about Portland is that you can be so very close to the center of the city, yet it can feel like being on the edge of nowhere. On Sunday morning, the commuters heading to OHSU are not around, leaving a quiet and peaceful setting as the sun rises over […]

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Mount Hood in the Morning

It is still hazy on a Spring morning with the sun coming up. The city and the state come in layers: The mountain in the background. The hills of East Portland. A couple of buildings from the South Waterfront. And, finally, a bit of shrubbery next to the sidewalk on Terwilliger Blvd. Photo: Taken in […]

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Vista House From Afar

It has been a long time since I put a photo of Vista House in this blog. And, I say, the more scenic and majestic the view, the better! So here is a view of Vista House and a chunk of Columbia River view for your enjoyment. Photo: Taken along the Historic Columbia River Highway, […]

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Waterfall Under the Highway

There are a lot of sights that are worthwhile to see all over Cascadia. Many of them are right near the highway, if we only get out to (metaphorically) smell the roses. This waterfall falls into a rather large bend in the Wilson River in Tillamook County. The bridge above is a part of Oregon […]

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Springtime Along the Highway

I was just returning from a trip to Eugene one day when it was time for a stop. On a nice spring day at the Oak Grove Rest Area along I-5 North of Eugene, I took a short walk to look around. Sometimes if you step away from the busy part of the highway you […]

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Mount Hood is Out

This is the time of year when our old friends, the mountains that surround us in Cascadia, start to come out so we can see them. Moat of the time they are hidden in the clouds. But we see them just often enough to remember that they are there. Here, Mount Hood is seen among […]

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Old Piling in the Willamette

I have been pondering this photo for years since I took it. If there were one less stick of wood in the photo, it would be a picture of some water. Some will not see the point of this photo — it is a stick of wood in the water. Or, it is a stab […]

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MAX Train on the Steel Bridge

In honor of today’s dubious event of most of Tri-Met’s MAX trains going dead all day, I will feature a MAX train in today’s photo. A surge protector did too good a job of protecting things today on the 101-year-old Steel Bridge and affected most of the service today. Shown here is a MAX train […]

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