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Always Foggy at the Beach

No matter where you are on the Pacific coast of Cascadia, it is mesmerizing to just stand and watch the surf wash up on the beach. And, despite the title above, it only seems foggy at the beach most of the time. The waves just keep rolling in, never stopping, from points unknown in the […]

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You Can Wave Now

It was a warm but cloudy day as the waves roll in, one by one, at Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast. One wave rolls in, ready to soothe you. Then another rolls in. Then another. It never stops. Just one after the other. All there for you to enjoy. Photo: Taken on the beach […]

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The Lonely Beach

In the Summertime, the beach in Seaside is teeming with activity. Kids of all ages are playing on the swing-set, and gathering around the volleyball nets that are usually around this area. Yet, on a lonely Winter day, the surf continues to come in, the wind shapes the beach-grass into a new hairdo, and the […]

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Fingers of God

All at once, I was standing at a viewpoint over looking the Pacofic Ocean. I was upon Neah-Kah-Nie Mountain, which we learned in yesterday’s post was named in local legends as meaning “the place of the supreme diety.” So it was an amazing surprise to see the sun shine through the clouds near sunset in […]

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Coastal Trees

It always amazes me how the constant wind that happens along the beach can sculpt the trees into such unique shapes. Here, these trees along the edge of Neah-Kah-Nie Mountain on the Oregon Coast have obviously seen years of constant pounding in the wind. In the background is the picturesque beach at Manzanita, where the […]

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Wheeler Marina in the Rain

It was a rainy day on the Oregon Coast this week, and the town of Wheeler in Tillamook County was no exception. Despite a rather heavy rain shower, there were kids riding by on bicycles, three young men checking their crab pots from a nearby dock in the bay, and these boats, near the Wheeler […]

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A Foggy Day at the Beach

As Summer wears on, a day can be perfectly sunny everywhere in Cascadia, but the last mile up to the beach can be very foggy. Blame it all on how the weather works at the coast, but you can never be guaranteed a sunny day at the beach. You will find, however, that no matter […]

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Coos Bay Bridge

The Conde B. McCullough Memorial Bridge, commonly known as the Coos Bay Bridge, crosses the 1700 feet across the mouth of Coos Bay. The bridge, built in 1936, takes US Highway 101 down the Oregon Coast into North Bend on the way to the town of Coos Bay. This is one of many impressive bridges […]

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A Path in the Country

Looks can be deceiving. I love this picture, because the age of the bridge overhead makes this look like it could be on a country road in the middle of nowhere. Actually, this is part of the Van Buren Street Bridge in Corvallis. Built in 1913, along the Willamette River, but now this is a […]

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Waves Rolling In

When you head out to the coast, the waves are always rolling into the beach. Even in a still photo, there is something soothing about the waves rolling in. But just contemplate this — the waves keep rolling in, day and night, even when you are not there to see them. Awesome thought. Photo: These […]

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