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OK. So I was in the grocery store. Cauliflower was on my list today. The store had some. Sort of. All that they had was orange cauliflower and green cauliflower. Oh, yes, and a total of 3 white cauliflowers that didn’t look so nice. So we got broccoli instead. Just wanted to share. Photo: Taken […]

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Beach Near the Ferry

If we tend to pass things by quickly during the day, we may tend to only see big, literal things. So one day, as I was relaxing at a park in Downtown Edmonds near the ferry terminal, I tried to take a look at the things that others might miss. So while we might only […]

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A Rose for a New Year

The family was out doing yard work this weekend, and things are looking good. Things will be growing and blooming soon, but I thought I would post a photo of a rose from the garden from last year. Just to brighten things up, of course. Photo: Taken at home in Edmonds on 27 July 2014.

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Allium Flower

The Allium (allium sativum) is named after the latin word for “onion”. But when this flower shines in the Springtime, you’re just admiring it for it’s purple beauty. This example lives in a flower box along the pathway at the Port of Edmonds Marina. Photo: Taken at the Port of Edmonds on 12 May 2014.

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Wild Rose

I take a lot of pictures of big things — ships, scenery, and so forth. But sometimes, the most beautiful things are those right at your feet. This nice little wild rose was living in a green space with a great view of the water right next to the railroad tracks. Yet its nice little […]

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Different Colored Iris

So, I’m driving around in a residential neighborhood near Bitter Lake in North Seattle. Inside one of those traffic circles in the intersection was a number of these pretty purple and yellow irises. I don’t know if they have a seperate name of some sort, but I do know that they are a quite interesting […]

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Flower House in West Seattle

Some people have flowers in their yard, and some people have flower boxes. I don’t quite know how to classify this one, as the people who live here have virtually turned their whole house into a garden. Or a flower box. The West Seattle houses face beautiful Alki Beach with a full view of Elliott […]

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A Rose Hip

A Rose Hip. Just one. Just because it was there. A Rose Hip. Photo: Taken at Snoqualmie Falls Park in Snoqualmie on 10 November 2013.

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So Many Madrona Trees

One thing that has always fascinated me about the San Juan Islands is the number of Madrona trees (Arbutus menziesii) that are all over the place there. Among other places, a good number of them can be found at Lime Kiln Point State Park, home to this particular impressive specimen. Certainly this is among my […]

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Lily Pads at Martha Lake

It’s Springtime again and time to look at all the amazing plants around us. Perhaps we look and all we see is a few lily pads in the water. Or perhaps we look closely and find raindrops that didn’t quite make it to the lake yet, or a reflection on the water of clouds on […]

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