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Trains in the Columbia Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge is one of the most scenic places in Cascadia. But despite all of that beauty, the area has successfully been a transportation artery for as long as there have been people here. Boat, train, and highway traffic co-exist with nature; sometimes more successfully than others. The train passes through at least […]

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MAX Train on the Steel Bridge

In honor of today’s dubious event of most of Tri-Met’s MAX trains going dead all day, I will feature a MAX train in today’s photo. A surge protector did too good a job of protecting things today on the 101-year-old Steel Bridge and affected most of the service today. Shown here is a MAX train […]

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A MAX Train for Christmas

Well, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Everywhere. And, I have never been one to avoid taking a picture of a bus, ferry, or train. So, for today, Christmas and a Light Rail Train. For MAXimum enjoyment! Photo: Taken near Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland on 16 December 2009.

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Old and New Ferries

Another sunny day watching boats on Puget Sound, and traffic picks up approaching Seattle. Here we see the passenger ferry M/V Rich Passage 1 and auto Ferry M/V Kaleetan pass in Elliott Bay while serving the Seattle to Bremerton route. It truly is a wonderful day for a sea cruise, even if it is a […]

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Alweg Monorail

The Alweg Monorail was a popular way to get people between the Seattle Center and Downtown Seattle during the 1962 Century 21 Exposition. It remains popular today, and I took the opportunity to take a ride, since I was in the neighborhood anyway. Here, one of the trains is approaching the terminal at the Seattle […]

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Monorail Sign

The city of Seattle has been fascinated by its Monorail since it was opened for the 1962 Worlds Fair. Arguably, it is likely the second most popular continuing attraction and symbol of Seattle, second only to the well-known tower next door. On a recent short trip to the Seattle Center, it was actually one of […]

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Along the Railroad Tracks

It was a cloudy day when I went to see how people lived on the other side of the tracks in Edmonds. Apparently, most of the neighbors over there are of the fish variety. On the mainline between Seattle and Vancouver BC there runs not only BNSF freight trains, but also Amtrak’s Cascades and Sound […]

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Pieces of Union Station

I have had a somewhat difficult time finding a vantage point where I can take a photo of all of Portland’s Union Station at one time. The placement of the rail lines and the bridge overpasses just make it difficult. On the other hand, there are so many nice parts of the building that I […]

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Men At Work

I took a few photos today at the Union Station in Portland, as I was dropping off a friend there for her journey on the Coast Starlight. The sign said “Men At Work” yet there was not a lot of actual work going on during this afternoon when the high temperature is in the vicinity […]

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The Loneliest Bus Stop

So, I’m walking along on the outskirts of Kingston Washington, looking at the sights in town and waiting for the ferry, when I pass a bus stop. Now, you may wonder, what is so big about a bus stop. Well, there was something about this particular bus stop. Perhaps it was the location with it’s […]

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