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Bumble Bees in the Lavender

It is sad that we don’t have the opportunity to see our friend the bumble bee as often as in the past. They have, of course, been hiding. But I found a few, here and there, in a field of lavender in the suburbs. They sure seem happy, no? Photo: Taken in Shoreline on 2 […]

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City Pigeon

One interesting thing about Seattle is the great number of streets that have been restored to their original cobblestone or brick surfaces. Most of these are in particularly historic places in town, but a few are in relatively well traveled spots. This particular one is on Pike Place, the street of Market fame. Also seen […]

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A Case of Crabs

Well, not exactly a case of crabs. More of a bunch of caught crabs waiting around to become someone’s dinner. In any case, this good-looking pack of Dungeness crabs were hanging around at the Pike Place Fish Company at the Pike Place Market in Seattle. Yes, that’s the place where they throw the fish around […]

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My Section of Beach

With the tides just right at Brackett’s Beach in Edmonds, a couple of pieces of driftwood form an isolated tidepool. And right there, a local sea gull is seen watching over her newly formed “lake”. It’s her section of beach, of course. Sadly for her, there were no critters to be found there today. Photo: […]

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Knock Knock

So I’m just sitting in the parking lot waiting for an appointment when a friend flies up and lands on the hood of the car. He decided that it was nice and warm there on such a cold day, so he stayed for a while. He stood there. Then he sat there. Then he stood […]

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The Majestic Seagull

The Majestic Seagull. It stares at you. From above. You are mesmerized. The seagull doesn’t know what “mesmerized” means. But it still stares at you from above. Perched on a piling. Photo: Taken at a piling near the boat launch at the Port of Everett. In Everett. On 17 October 2013.

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Starfish in the Water

Some days, to find interesting wildlife, you only have to look down. One recent day, just next to the Public Fishing Pier near the Port of Edmonds, the water was clear enough to see quite a few critters. There were crabs, fish, jellyfish, and quite a few starfish. One of which was moving. This one […]

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Splashing Cormorant

Out at the Public Fishing Pier in Edmonds, on a particularly foggy Autumn day, there were a flock of cormorants flying around, then landing in the water. Well, there were quite a few other birds there, too. But this is the bird that I captured a photo of as it was coming up out of […]

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Why the Deer Crossed the Road

So, I was at Lake Sammamish State Park in Issaquah, and these three deer come out of the woods and start grazing under the trees. It sounds so idyllic, deer grazing in the park near the lake, and so on. It’s just that, when they did cross the road, the other side gets them to […]

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Everett Seals

I keep hearing that there are a lot of seals and perhaps some sea lions hanging around the Port of Everett Marina in Everett. In a couple of visits, I never managed to see one. Finally, I did see one swimming around in the inlet then in the boat launch area. I see one. The […]

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