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Edmonds Great Blue Heron

I was looking out at the water when a great blue heron flew in and landed in the water near the jetty where I was standing. Then I stared at him. Or her. And it stared at me right back. We did that for a while. The GBH was not taking pictures. I was. Photo: […]

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Mama Duck and Ducklings

Sometimes the best things to see are the least expected. While passing a Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife fishing access point, I looked up just in time to see a Mama Duck and her flock of ten baby ducklings waddling down the road toward Martha Lake in Snohomish County. There were people around so […]

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Brown Colored Pigeon

I have seen a lot of pigeons in my life. I’m not sure I’ve seen one quite like this. It is brown and white — which makes it either a rare breed of pigeon or just a rare color. Our avian friend was spotted along the beach at Mukilteo Lighthouse Park with a whole lot […]

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Ducks On a Log

It was a cold Winter day, and the ducks wanted to take a little nap. So they found a log and stood there. Probably napping. In the shadow of Duck Island. Photo: Taken in Green Lake in Seattle on 19 February 2013.

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Our Friend Pigeon Guillemot

Our Friend Pigeon Guillemot (Cepphus columba) is seen here just floating along near the Public Fishing Pier in Edmonds. Cepphus seems to be oblivious to the fact that it has just started to rain. I will. however, refrain to making any comparisons between our friend’s current condition and that of a duck’s back. The raindrops […]

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Sandpipers in Edmonds

I was out for a walk in Edmonds this week down by the marina. The tide was high and the day was really windy. The waves were pretty high. While taking this all in, a small flock of sandpipers flew down the beach in formation. They did an aerial show for a few minutes, then […]

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Just Sayin’ — Seagull Edition

Like, I’m just sayin’. Have you ever seen a more vicious looking seagull in your life? Have you? Yeah, I seemed to have captured the wild beast mid-squawk and all. One way or the other, Larus occidentalis seems to be excited about something! Photo: Taken at Pier 54 on the Seattle Waterfront on 23 July […]

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Migration of Geese

Every year in the Fall, flocks of geese and other birds make their way South for the Winter. Traditionally, most of them have been known to fly. However, it seems that these birds from the Jefferson Street Boat Ramp along the Willamette River in Milwaukie asked for directions that they took a little bit too […]

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Geese at the Lake

So, the geese were standing in this makeshift lake, drinking. I would point out that the flock was standing less than 100 feet from Lake Washington, the largest freshwater lake in the Seattle and Puget Sound area. But no, the oil-tainted water at the edge of the parking lot must be somehow tastier. Alternatively, they […]

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Why Did the Goose Cross the Road?

Why did the goose cross the sidewalk? 1) To get to the other side. 2) To get to the side where his friends were drinking out of a puddle. 3) Because it was a nice day for this time of year. 4) Because he had heard about The Beatles and their album Abbey Road. Photo: […]

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