Good morning. Welcome to my blog.  Actually, my other blog.

I already have a blog where I discuss some of the finer bits of news from around our region.  It lends itself to politics and deep thought and, on occasion, things that get me riled up.  I also don’t get to it as often as I want, because sometimes I just don’t want to think too much about social discourse.  Sometimes I just want to look at pictures of the beach and dream.

So I started another one where I could share some of the culture and natural beauty of the region we call home.  So, after taking a deep breath of fresh Cascadia air, we have Cascadia Daily Photo.
I look at this blog as an outlet to share some pictures and some commentary about the area that I call home. In the grand scheme of things, this includes (more or less, and where I tend to roam with a camera) Western Oregon, Western Washington, and the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island areas of British Columbia. Like it or not, this area has a shared history and geography, as well as many shared lifestyles.

In some circles, this area has been referred to as the Cascadia Region. The name Cascadia refers to the Cascade Mountains, a prominent feature in the area. That is the sense in which I use that term. The word Cascadia has also been used by a variety of groups to describe the area. For the purposes of those who consider Cascadia a bioregion, it is usually defined as the area whose waterways drain into either the Columbia River system or the Frasier River system, as well as the associated coastal areas. This area includes all of Washington and British Columbia, as well as most of Oregon, Idaho, Western Montana, and the Alaska Panhandle. A good description and map of the area can be found HERE.

While I am describing Cascadia, my use of the name for this region is not intended to imply that I agree or disagree with any of the other groups that use this name.  Some of them are doing a great job of promoting environmentalism and positive activities in the Cascadia region.  Those I support. Others of them are whackos.

Your input is welcome.  Criticism or praise on any photos or views are welcome as comments, or as e-mails, as long as they remain polite. I am quite open to your thoughts.  I am very curious as to people’s responses to my thoughts.

Fasten your seat belts, and welcome to this journey.